Portfolio Review

In Person | 500€

Review of your website portfolio. We will analyze your work and together choose the best pictures to attrack your ideal clients.

In Person Mentoring

8 Hours in my studio


This is the most complete session of all. It can be done in a single day 8 hours, food and drinks included. Before this session there will be a small online conversation, to identify the most important points to be addressed (Branding, Marketing, Customer Experience, Storytelling, Workflow...) and together we will work on these points in practice.

Online Mentoring

3 x 1 hour Session (One per week)


This will be a session tailored to you. On these 3 sessions, one per week, we will focus on and explore the topics that you want to improve.

Extra Single 1 hour Session



The fact that Luís has worked for so long as a photojournalist and has also worked with great editors means that he has added a lot to me in terms of curatorship, not only in the selection and enhancement of photos in isolation but also in the narrative part and in the presentation of a story, comprehensive and more cohesive.
This greatly boosted my brand and the development and refinement of my style.
We worked on Defining, managing and implementing the brand at an aesthetic and presentation level that brought me closer to what is the voice of my brand and my ideal client. These results were quite visible in the presentation of the website and social networks. Implementation of the acquired and consolidated knowledge, because of the “recharge” from session to session, which is one of the strengths of mentoring.

I had the opportunity to experience Luís Efigénio's Portfolio Review. At first I was able to ask questions and ask for some recommendations. Then we moved on to image criticism and Luís analyzed my photos, realizing the small details that can make all the difference in the final image, not only in terms of editing, but also in terms of capture. I consider this consultancy program to be an important tool when it comes to learning and preventing mistakes. Sometimes our gaze can become "addicted" from looking at our images so much, and being able to have a different look to ours is undoubtedly an added value.

— Tiago Ferreirinha


— Luciano Reis


I decided to update my portfolio and resorted to Luis' mentoring sessions to help me, and it was without a doubt a great help! During the sessions Luis not only makes us see what is wrong, he also helps and explains how to solve these problems. We ourselves, when looking at our work, are unable to understand many of the mistakes we are making and the experienced look of someone from the outside is a fundamental help. The attention to detail that Luis has is very good. He made me see things that I wasn't seeing in the photographs, he helped me to correct (many) framings in an extraordinary way, he taught me techniques to understand if what we want to highlight in the photo is really highlighted. He taught me techniques for editing and selecting photos, which undoubtedly was a great asset. In addition to my portfolio, I also submitted a post for criticism. In this post Luis helped me tell the story I wanted to tell in a better way. He helped me choose the photos and what I liked the most was that whenever he said to put a photo outside, he explained almost irrefutably why. It helped me choose the order in which I should present the photos, something that seems irrelevant, but which in the end makes all the difference.

— Hugo Barreleiro