The Best 25 Wedding Photographers by WPJA in 2017

28 February, 2018

The final selection for the Wedding Photojournalist Association Awards is done and, after seeing thousands of photos, they announced the photographer of the year (congratulations William Lambelet!), as well as the other awarded photographers. My name is amongst the 25 best photographers of the year. I was thrilled with the news and had to share them with you. I was glad to see my name in a list of so many photographers I admire and whose work is an inspiration for me. I have a special fondness for these WPJA Awards because this association is part of the reason I decided to start a business as a wedding photographer. I was working as a freelance photojournalist and wedding photography had a poor reputation. I thought I’d never do it. Until I saw the amazing work of photographers such as Ben Chrisman, Frank Boutonnet and Emin Kuliyev. It was the “click” I needed to start documenting weddings with a photojournalistic approach. And now, being in the top 25 of 2017 makes me eager to start documenting the weddings of the couples who trusted me with part of their visual story this year.



Luis Efigénio | Photography