Cool Urban Wedding in Basel with reception on German Mountains

10 January, 2020

Wedding in Basel, Switzerland // Vroni & Mathias


I was very excited when I first received Vroni and Mathias’ enquiry. The description was great: alternative, intimate and fun wedding with a ceremony in Basel, Switzerland and then a party in the German mountains near Steinen.
I’d been to Switzerland before for a photo shoot, but this was my first time shooting a wedding there. I’d never been in Basel or the German Mountains before, so it promised to be a super special event for me.
They had booked me a year earlier, during the busy season, and before I noticed I was packing my bags and flying to Switzerland.
I got there two days before the wedding and met them in Basel. We did the engagement session on the streets of Basel and ended up having dinner together and drinking Portuguese Wine to celebrate.

On June 2nd I arrived at their home, where they were both getting ready in the company of close friends. During the engagement session we had talked about salty food and Vroni had promised me some salty croissants in the morning. They were delicious. Mathias, Vroni and their friends having salty croissants with champanhe and local beer really set the tone for one amazing wedding day. And so the getting ready started.


Basel downtown

basel coffee mug

wedding morning champanhe

Mathias teased Vroni by appearing in the house corredor wearing suspenders. She was thrilled. Then Vroni put on her beautiful dress and they met on the stairs for the first look.

getting ready in tiny appartment

fisrt look in basel wedding

They live right in the center of Basel and they walked to the ceremony location. Friends and family were waiting for them there. It was a short civil ceremony, and afterwards they improvised a cocktail party in the garden of the registry.

yellow stripes on basel wedding

basel wedding

waiting for ceremony

walking to wedding ceremony in switzerland

ceremony scene setting in basel

bride and groom smiling during ceremony

fisrt kiss after getting married in basel

ceremony exit with flowers in downtown basel switzerland

bride and groom walking in basel

bride and groom in basel

bride and groom on rhone river boat

walking to wedding ceremony in switzerland

It was time to move on to Germany. Mathias was driving an old VW that was restored by his father and on our way to Steinen we stopped at a castle for some portraits.

germany castel for wedding photos

wolkswagen wedding

After a 20 min drive we arrived at the Mountain Hotel, surrounded by an amazing landscape.

Mathias organized a rubber castle for Vroni. She always complained that these were only meant for kids, so on her wedding day she had one for just for her and some other small and tall children.

It was a super funny and good vibe wedding with lots of games, special songs and speeches, a wonderful first dance and crazy dance floor. 

kids at wedding in german mountain

relaxing times on german wedding

friends singing to bride and groom in germany

steinen germany wedding photographer

group photo in steinen wedding

german wedding first dance

bride drinking beer in steinen germany

wedding dance floor

steinen wedding party

steinen wedding party