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Each wedding is unique and my passion is to capture the moments as they take place, in natural and spontaneous photographs




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Outdoor wedding in Pico, a volcanic island in Azores, Portugal



Cool Urban Wedding in Basel and Reception on German Mountains



Same-sex wedding in a monestry at Amares, Portugal



David Bowie Inspired wedding on a outdoor ceremony in Porto, Portugal

Holding hands, in sign of warmth and strength, tears flowing easily, passionate kisses that make you shiver. And if that wasn’t enough, there were also bright colors, humor and lots of fun. And to top it all, the location: the majestic Pousada de Amares, where I always feel so welcome.

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They live right in the center of Basel and they walked to the ceremony location. Friends and family were waiting for them there. It was a short civil ceremony, and afterwards they improvised a cocktail party in the garden of the registry. It was time to move on to Germany. Mathias was driving an old VW that was restored by his father and on our way to Steinen we stopped at a castle for some portraits. It was a super funny and good vibe wedding with lots of games, special songs and speeches, a wonderful first dance and crazy dance floor.

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The ceremony, simple and emotional, happened to the sound of the Portuguese guitar and fado. And the party went on, with this small and extremely warm group of people.

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Absolute Beginners. Rock n' Roll and crazy wedding inspired in David Bowie songs. Every single detail was planned carefully. Even the groom had eye contact lenses to mach David Bowie color eyes.

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From Brasil to get married in a small village in the middle of Portugal



A French wedding in a XVII Century Monastery in the North of Portugal



Multicultural Destination Wedding near Tejo River, Lisbon



Intimate rooftop wedding in Lisbon, Portugal

Laissa and Villy packed their bags and came from Brasil, with their friends and family, to get married in Portugal, in Vila de Cortegaça. They fell in love with the beautiful Church, with its magnificent facade in shades of blue. They felt an even bigger connection with the Parish when they learned that the Patron Saint was celebrated on Villy’s birthday.

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Isabel and Isaac set their base in Sintra. They traveled from London, with friends and family, for their destination wedding in Lisbon. They booked a Villa in Sintra for a few days and I met them there on the morning of the wedding day. Boys and girls got ready in different houses. And the vibe was totally different. Very chill out on the girls’ side and very fast and electric on the boys’. They called some Ubers and they moved to the ceremony that took place at Lisbon Anglican Church. Ubers again and all set for the dinner. It was a very informal alternative wedding party.

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Rachel and David travel from France with all the family and friends for a wedding in the amazing Pousada de Amares, Braga, Portugal.

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Jenny and Pete planned an outdoor intimate wedding in a rooftop in Portugal. A small, simple and relaxed ceremony with an amazing view over Lisbon and the atlantic ocean.

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& Timothy


& Richard

Luis was great from start to finish! We picked him because we wanted lots of candid photos and great dance floor shots. We were definitely not disappointed! He has super sneaky photography skills which are great for capturing emotional moments. You’ll have no idea he’s there, but somehow he’s everywhere.

Luis Efigénio