Outdoor Wedding in Pico Island Azores

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Destination Wedding in Azores | Alma do Pico, Pico Island, Portugal.

In 2015 we travelled to Azores. We explored Pico Island, utterly wild and full of character.
That’s where Lisa’s parents were born. They spent their childhood on the same island, but only met later, when they were living in the USA.
Lisa didn’t know her grandparents homeland, but you can tell she feels a little bit Portuguese. She wanted to get married in Pico, bringing along her friends, her family and of course, her parents, whom had never returned to the island.
Jed took part in this adventure and together they planned for a dream wedding!
They stayed in Alma do Pico and it was there, in the heart of Nature and with a breathtaking view, that they celebrated their love.
And that’s what it was all about, a celebration!
Surrounded by their friends, the party began when they were just getting ready, in a chilled and fun mood.
The ceremony, simple and emotional, happened to the sound of the portuguese guitar and fado.
And the party went on, with this small and extremely warm group of people.
The island’s cheese and wine, heartfelt speeches, lots of dancing, and Pico’s starry sky to watch over them. What else do you need? !