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Are you planning an Elopement or Wedding in Lisbon?


If so, first of all, congratulations on your engagement. This is an amazing moment of your lives, and having a destination wedding is so exciting. My name is Luis Efigénio, I’m a Portuguese wedding photographer and I would love to document your wedding in Lisbon.



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When Sara and Andy got in touch with me and shared their plans to have an outdoor wedding in Estufa Real, in Lisbon, I was very happy. First, because I felt a good vibe and an amazing connection with them, and second because of the place they chose for the ceremony. I’ve always loved the Botanical Garden and finally I had a chance to shoot in this gorgeous location. The expectations were high but the wedding day was even better than I expected. I have to say it was one of my favourite weddings ever. I felt truly connected to their story, like I was a part of their families. I felt inspired and that is awesome. That’s why I love being a documentary photographer. Because I get to be close to people and feel their energy and hopefully transfer that into images. I leave you with some of my favourites photos from Sara and Andy’s destination wedding in Lisbon, Portugal

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Jenny and Pete planned an outdoor intimate wedding in a rooftop in Portugal. A small, simple and relaxed ceremony with an amazing view over Lisbon and the atlantic ocean. Noah, son of Jenny and Pete was the ring bearer. Isn’t it so special for him to be a part of his parents’ wedding and share this precious moments with them? After having some quality time on the rooftop watching the sunset, they traveled to the next spot by tuk-tuk. What an amazing ride. They were saluted by everyone on the street. On of the special moments of the day was when they arrived at the Miradouro Santa Catarina. This place was crowded with locals and tourists. As soon as they arrived, everyone started to congratulate them and shouting best wishes and love words. Then the meal was to be served at Pharmacia Restaurant.

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Lynn and Jeremi traveled from Singapore to Europe, and chose Lisbon for their wedding photos to be taken. I picked them up at their AirBnb in Mouraria. This is one of my favourite places in Lisbon, so I couldn’t wish for a better start to the session. Afterwards, we drove to Sintra coast line, and we found an amazing and powerful stormy scenario.

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“To see her walking towards me, step by step, made me remember the day she passed by me for the first time, and everything we had lived until then. It made my day!” That’s what Bruno said when I asked about the most emotional moment of the day. Needless to say I ran to see my photo’s of Débora entering the ceremony, to make sure I had captured the moment well. I think I got a faithful document of their reaction and emotion. To be able to capture those special moments is what moves me. Even more so when shooting another photographer’s wedding. It’s a greater responsability.

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Emanuela and David have been together for 10 years now and during their visit to Lisbon they decided to celebrate with a photo shoot. They were looking for a Lisbon Wedding Photographer on Instagram and found me.  Emanuela is a Bulgarian jewelry designer based in Amsterdam, her brand is Ramjuly Jewelry Architects and you need to check it out because she also creates beautiful engagement rings..

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Jean and Philipp travelled from Paris to Lisbon. Phillipp had a plan to propose and gave the ring to Jean in Lisbon. Also part of the surprise he offer an spontaneous photoshoot in Alfama, and Lisbon Downtown.

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I describe myself as a wedding photojournalist. Without interfering, I capture the moments as they unfold, in natural and spontaneous photographs. You just have to worry about enjoying the day. I like alternative and unconventional weddings and I want my work to reflect that. I try to be invisible, if you don’t notice me, it allows me to get closer. That way, I can capture your true personalities. Check out my wedding portefolio.

If you think we’re on the same page, please contact me. I’m excited to hear more about your wedding plans.


My Favourite Lisbon Wedding Venues

Portugal is very in right now as a travel destination. The world is discovering our cities and our beaches, our wonderful food and our hospitality. But none of this is new. We have always been a place worth visiting, a country worth exploring. And I believe we are just perfect as a wedding destination. Of course my opinion is biased… This is my home and I love it. So I guess you should just come and see for yourself. I’ve put together a selection of my favorite venues, if you’d like to see:


1. Areias do Seixo

2. Quinta de Santana

3. Sublime Comporta

4. Rio Do Prado

5. Estufa Real

6. Pestana Palace

7. Pena Palace

8. Pestana Palace

9. Penha Longa


Luis Efigénio | Photography