Super Fun Engagement Session on the streets of Basel, Switzerland

11 Setembro, 2018

Engagement Session in Basel, Switzerland // Vroni & Mathias

engagement at rhein river


Me, Vroni and Mathias were at the Basel Minster, from the late Celtic Era in first century BC and needed to move to the other margin of the Rhein. We could walk 15 minutes or just catch a ferry.

The Rhine River is a mighty stream. What’s cool is that they ar not modern ferries, they move with the powerful current of the river. These unique ferry boats have been carrying passengers across the river for over 150 years.


engagement at boat on rhein river basel engagement in basel couple having fun in basel


Inside the Basel Minister, you can find a walking path that connects you to the city and internal gardens. I was amazed with that place and the light was so gorgeous that we spent some time taking photos and having lots of fun there.


lovers in basel bride smiling in basel basel wedding photography couple on the streets of basel


When I arrived at Basel, I was amazed by how many bikes cross the bridge over the Rhine River per minute. Basel, in Switzerland, is truly a bicycle city. Cycles are used by old and young alike no matter what gender or social strata. So I needed to frame Vroni and Mathias with a bike, to have a good representation and vibe of the city they live in.


funny engagement on streets of basel basel wedding photographer


After we walked for about 2 hours in the center of Basel, Vroni and Mathias asked me for one more photo, the last of the day, just before dinner. The place they chose was a cool stairwell that gives access to the restaurant we were going to. We had one problem. The stairs were freshly painted and we could not go past the first floor. Then another problem: it started to rain a lot. So I tried to hide from the rain and looked up. Glad I did because I found this geometrical composition. Then I asked them for a couple of seconds in the heavy rain. But it was not the last photo of the day after all. We had dinner toghether, talked about the wedding plans that was two days after and even drank Portuguese Wine to celebrate.


romance in basel engagement on fancy restaurant in basel

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Luis Efigénio