Amares, Braga, Portugal

Destination Outdoor Wedding  | Pousada de Amares, Braga, Portugal.

We’re so glad Geraldine and Daniel, who live in London, chose to come to Portugal for their wedding. It was really a privilege for us to document such an important day in the lives of this special couple. They’re so kind and friendly, so joyful and authentic. And that’s how the celebration was too. Unpretentious, lively and emotional. After the religious service they did a Chinese Tea Ceremony, serving tea to their family members to show respect and gratitude. And the party went on, in a laid back mood, filled with laughter and dancing. The friends and family who followed them here were very committed to making this a very special day, it was really a team effort. And we’re very proud to have been a part of that!

In the Chinese culture, tea is a symbol of purity, stability and fertility. It is believed to bring happiness and good fortune to the couple. The wedding tea contains red dates, peanuts, loans and lotus seeds. This is because in Chinese language, the reading of these four ingredients in the above order, sounds like “to have baby as soon as possible”.

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